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National Association of the Deaf demands apology from Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf over past bad (audist) behavior

The NAD issued a video and letter demanding an apology from the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf over its past audist behavior. Stunning information about multiple cases regarding the testimony of Anna Witter Merithew that have hurt Deaf people’s right to language and access.  Check out the link!.

Proud of you, Melissa Draganac Hawk, Howard Rosenblum, and all the others at NAD for making this happen!




Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Resistance

Perfect Visual Representation of the RID

Someone shared this with me. If anyone knows who the creator of this logo is, so I can give proper credit, please leave a comment or send a contact through the contact form. Image description is below the image.


The image is black and white. In a circle, the words read Registry of Interpreters For The Deaf, Inc. Established 1964. In middle of the Circle, the I in RID is extended downward, pressing hard on the word Deaf, and causing it to cave in the middle.

My interpretation: Interpreters above Deaf. Interpreters oppressing Deaf. Interpreters speaking for Deaf people. Interpreters making decisions for us. The organization doing the work of oppressors.

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Resistance

Art Is Resistance: Deaf Artists on the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf’s recent decision

Artists are now making resistance art against the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. When artists join a movement, you know you’ve hit a nerve. The image below is from a video created by “Popemistress” on Youtube. See the full video here.

Messages Image(1325463857).jpeg

Allyship and Centering Deaf People, Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Resistance

From Anonymous Contact re: RID

I received the following communication via my contacts from a former board member of the RID.

You can submit anonymously if you want via the contact form on this blog. My contact’s message is below in bold. No changes were made.

I just had a thought. In RID bylawas, it states that any decision made by the board can be vetoed with a 2/3majority of those eligible and participating in a special referendum. If 1000 people cast a vote (out of approx 15k members). We would need at least 667 votes in favor of the motion in order for it to pass. It should be simple as someone making a motion (they would be name and face attached to the motion so hopefully a CDI would be willing to do that) and then having seconded by someone else (whose name will also be attached to it). Then we would have to call on the board to send it out ASAP. Typically referenda by electronic vote needs to be left open for 30-60 days. Although it probably can’t be a person involved with affiliate chapters. I believe we would just send the motion to the board and demand them to send it out for email referendum immediately. Even if we lost the referendum, I think it would show the communities that not everyone is accepting/approving of this decision. We would have to spread the word to encourage people to vote. (referring to people usually being oblivious or deleting emails from RID)..

When might this happen? So far, we have no announced decision from RID. We still do not know if it is a failed search or if they are in negotiations with Joey over the offer.

My thoughts. Not just CDI but any eligible member can take this step. This is one way of showing disapproval for the decision.

Allyship and Centering Deaf People, Resistance

The Deaf Ecosystem

The RID did not support the Deaf ecosystem when they rejected Deaf person’s business to work with the RID. This happened despite this person’s business history of success.

They were contacted by the RID several times. Every time, they responded to their inquiry. Yet, they did not go with their business. Way to go, RID.

Also: 258 Creative Craft stepped up their support. Let’s share the love and buy something from them to support their business, and to show everyone that we can come together in solidarity as Deaf* people and allies. You can find them on Facebook.