Emotional Labor


Kelby posted an interesting video on Facebook. He discussed how the RID board members are good people with sincere intentions and how hard board service can be. I do not disagree with Kelby.

But I find it sad he had to do that. I trust that most of the RID board members are good people. Except for Branton, they are all hearing and they all have hearing privilege. They all, including Branton, have implicit biases.

When we point out oppression, when we point out discrimination, we are not attacking a person’s character or suggesting that a person is bad.

What we are doing is saying that there are implicit biases that need to be unpacked and discussed.

That there are patterns of discrimination that concerns us.

That if you are not Deaf* then you need to step up and work with us in stopping that discrimination from happening.

But when you focus on your feelings or a person’s intentions/character, you are distracting us from doing the important work of stopping the oppression.

We only have so much energy- we can either use it managing feelings or we can use that energy to make change happen.

Calling someone an audist or out on discrimination or having privileges is not an insult. It’s an attempt to get you to understand that you have privileges that have obscured my access or equitable place in the world.

That’s it. How more simple can this be to make us all understand that?