History Repeats Itself

The RID board approved the release of new Provisional Deaf Interpreter Certification.

This is a change to certification.

Without members’ approval.

In 2007, the membership was upset with the RID board for unilaterally deciding to accept the EIPA without members’ input. They had a referendum where they voted that the board had to get approvals from the membership for any and all changes related to certification.

They didn’t do this with the PDIC.

Which means they didn’t listen to the membership and what they voted on.

Which is also what they did when they picked an outsider businessman Joey instead of a qualified deaf candidate who would have connected the interpreting and deaf communities.

Which is what the membership voted on when they first wanted to change the leadership structure at RID.

That’s the second time in the last six months that the RID board has flat out not listened to the membership or honored the decisions voted on by the members.

And the PDIC? That’s a new blog post by itself. Let me just start with… “hearing knows best.” Here’s the link to my favorite video of all time:

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