Bullying among Interpreters

I witnessed a horrific case of bullying from one interpreter towards another. In front of other interpreters.

Who stood up for the bullied?

The bullied person. She wrote a response reminding us that we should support each other and not tear each other down. Then a few people responded but there was little direct condemnation of the bully’s actions.

Why is it that women feel the need to tear down other women?

Why is it okay for women to be bystanders while women commit violence toward other women?

Furthermore, deaf interpreters don’t get respect or equitable treatment in the interpreting field. If we work against each other, the system wins.

So when a deaf person puts down a deaf colleague, they become part of the system. And they made sure it worked perfectly, just as it should.

When a woman puts down another woman, they become part of the patriarchy. And makes sure it keeps functioning.

Systems of oppression work because of people like that and people who stand on the sidelines saying nothing. Color Me Lesbian (deaf queer woman of color) made a great video about this in ASL.

It was a obvious case of bullying with the intent to destroy a person’s reputation and career.

If that isn’t enough, think about this as a professional. Starting rumors or saying bad things about your colleagues without grounds is a clear violation of the code of ethics.