People are praising the RID for “doing the right thing.”

They have not. They did not explain the reason for Joey’s departure. It is likely he left of his own accord. But unless the board explicitly states that they asked him to resign because they heard us and our concerns, they have not taken action to correct a wrong.

Unless Joey explicitly states that he resigned because he heard us, he has not taken action to correct a wrong.

When 1988 DPN happened, Zinser resigned. Because she heard us.

She said so.

She said so herself. She didn’t hide behind the Gallaudet Board of Trustees and ask them to do that for her.

Even though she was threatened. Even though there were effigies (dolls of her) being hung from trees. Even through she got a lot of verbal abuse.

She got up on stage. Face to face.


And owned it.

That was huge ovaries on her part.

Joey on the other hand. Avoided us. Hid in the dining room at NAD conference with the board. Refused to interact with deaf people. Vlogged a single time in 3 months. Resigned in less than 90 days. Did not announce his own resignation. Did not offer any iota or shred of evidence that he listened, understood, or empathized.

He said “I’m going to do the job I’m hired to do.”

No acknowledgement or ownership of privilege, of our pain, of our outcry. Not from him. Not so much from the board either.

Then this so called announcement from the RID Board. Joey out of sight.

I have one word to describe how Joey and the board handled this.



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