Joey Trapani is Out as CEO of RID

He’s ending his tenure. Didn’t last six months, even.

At NAD conference, he couldn’t be bothered to leave the private dining room with RID board members to interact with deaf people at the conference. I wondered how long he would last.

Now we know.

What next? See the announcement from the RID Board of Directors. I can promise you this- Sheneman would’ve lasted longer.



2 thoughts on “Joey Trapani is Out as CEO of RID

  1. RID Views already published a cover with his face. What a waste of print! Joey shouldn’t had never accepted the position in the first place instead giving to Naomi. I hope Naomi reconsiders about reapplying again and get the job. She would whip RID in shape.

    Remember Joey’s vision about 90 days plan; nothing happened!


  2. Naomi announced that she will not reapply again for the candidacy. She relocated to Minnesota and still working as a interpreter. I hope RID will be able to get someone whom is Deaf and knows a lot about interpreting in the RID system.


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