Trapani at NAD

I’m back to resume our conversation about interpreting.

So my assessment of Joey at NAD was that he was difficult to engage with. He didn’t seem interested in discussion. Perhaps he was simply unable to talk about the issues because of a lack of knowledge of interpreting and the issues that confront us. He seemed socially awkward and uneasy at times. I know part of this is probably because he’s gotten more public attention than he expected when he took the job.

But still. The job description said they wanted a CEO that connected with communities. In that regard, the NAD conference left many of us not impressed with his (and by extension, the RID’s) desire to engage with Deaf people. Wyatte Hall wrote a brilliant note about this. Read his note for more details.

The RID’s response to the NAD- being afraid to apologize out of fear of being sued. If you can’t hold yourselves accountable for moments of poor judgment, how do you expect us to have confidence in you to uphold the ethical standards expected of interpreters by Deaf people?

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One thought on “Trapani at NAD

  1. I thought of the same thing; I felt that Joey was bit awkward to talk with and when I explained about the severity of underused CDIs. He just nodded and said I understand that issue and want to work on it. I felt that he doesn’t understand how we really need CDIs and work for growth in the field of interpreting. Naomi has the experience and her work is amazing. She held workshops to see the expansion of CDIs and the diverse CDI base.


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