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Nancy Kikendall You are free to boycott interpreting services… many of us have other degrees and will go find other work… as we need to survive too. Many of us went into the field knowing that it is a SERVICE industry that means we won’t get rich… but we will be able to help others have a voice to sit at the table so that people would be included and not pushed aside. Also, I’m sure many companies would be thrilled to have no interpreters… they keep more of their profit. Sounds like a slippery slope… At the end of the day… the “partnership” mentality has become non-existent… when the response is “boycott” “deprive them of a living” etc. So go ahead and do what you must… and I can guarantee… we will also do what we need to do to survive. But don’t be surprised if interpreters start not being available when the call goes out for a “need.”

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